100 zoom games to play

2020 hasn’t been easy on anyone. Livelihoods have been snatched away from many but for most of us reading this online, Zoom has been a savior. Offering to teleport and transport us across continents and timezones. Zoom almost single-handedly stitched together the fabric of time and space that COVID-19 tore apart.

But is everything rosy in the kingdom? Zoom fatigue is now as real as jet lag. Did you really think you can get away with skipping traffic and bad airline food? Well, I still don’t have a solution for either jet lag or zoom fatigue, but I believe there’s a solution for work fatigue.

All work and no play makes a dull boy.

I grew up using this maxim in my defense every time I was expected to study. It didn’t really work and I was dragged out of the playground and plopped at my desk. As a child, to play was the most natural activity ever, but society had other plans for me, as it does for every other child. Adulthood.

In the quest for a model society, we have created a monstrous system that devours playful children and spits out passive adults. What I have in mind isn’t going to upend that system and revolutionize the world. Well, maybe tomorrow.

Today, I just want to make your Zoom room a fun, not fatiguing experience.

The games are designed to be silly, even inane and irreverent at times, but be warned! You’re likely to break into a smile. They can be played in as little as 2 minutes before or after your meeting, between two playmates or more.

I’ll be adding games to this thread as I make them up. Welcome to the party and BYOG (Bring Your Own Game). The sillier the better.

It’s been awhile since I’ve written but there’s plenty in store for you all. Stay tuned. This holiday season is going to be lit!

🙏🏽♥️ Shay, Neha, Sholanki, Vismitha, Krishanu, Praveen, Shrikar, Abhishek for playstorming with me

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