we’re born to play together, with infinite possibilities in the quest to reach our maximum potential in this multiplayer game of life.

i envision a world in which play, not study or work is the default. you might say i’m on a mission to make playtime a part of every adult’s life, but that’s on you!

the real secret of life: to be completely engaged with what you're doing in the here and now, and instead of calling it work, realize that this is play - Alan Watts

who am i?

the usefulness of the bowl is in the emptiness. so in the emptiness of a life without profession and purpose, shines my light of play, in the moment.

this is me, playing with thoughts, words and actions to find delight in uncertainty and having the time of my life!

more of a burning dervish, than a guiding light in the darkness, i’m here not to show you the way, but to infect you with the spirit of play. and if you're game, jump right in...

enter the playpen
joy is our default state of mind. period. and play is the way to get there. butwe have forgotten how to enjoy without reason, like children can. that’s why we are creating this kindergarten for adults. to get you startedhere’s a 9 day cohort based course across 3 phases - stop, rewind and play.y…