break stuff. destroy darlings. dance with the dark side

adults love breaking news. that’s all. nothing else. anything else that is even remotely connected to breaking is taboo. but kids break everything. all the time. in fact they destroy before they create.

this is a silly thing right? talking about breaking when every adult is attempting the opposite - to build. build a career. build a house. build a relationship. build a family. build a legacy.

break stuff

babies break stuff. when you look at the young, they’re always tearing through things and breaking toys rather than playing with it. wait! what if breaking was playing?

give an infant a toy and the first impulse is to throw it. shake it. drop it. bite it. destructive tendencies. animals are always scratching and biting your furniture. of course you can call it a phase.

but what if that phase is the beginning of every creative endeavour? you cannot learn to build before you learn to break. you destroy in order to create.

in their infinite infantile wisdom, children are actually learning by reverse engineering. so the next time you see your kid breaking things apart, look on with pride and joy 🥲

break your best

what’s the best toy you own that you’re ready to break? i once got a brand new phone brought in from across the seven seas (it wasn’t available in my country at the time). after all that trouble (2 months of wait time) that i took to get that magical gadget in my hands, it took me less than 20 minutes to brick it forever.

of course i went into a fit of rage and sent rant emails to everyone including the ceo of the company. but what’s truly interesting to note is my willingness to sacrifice the toy in my quest to understand how it works. i’ve since moved to an iphone for this exact reason. i can’t be installing an custom OS every night before dinner.

but that attribute is something i shamelessly and blatantly carry around with me. even if i’ve invested everything i have in something, i’m willing to fuck about and play with it at great cost. because i believe the goal is to play.

break hearts

here’s another example of how we actually destroy relationships by being afraid of breaking them. yeah, read that again.

now think of the start of any relationship. in the wooing phase, you’re at your best. showcasing your resplendent peacock feathers and your best mating dance to ensure you bag the price.

you don’t want to portray your ugly side for fear of scaring away a prospective mate and breaking the relationship before it even started. but what if you tried the opposite?

what if you were picking your nose at dinner time and forgot to suck in your belly as you walk? you may discover that by doing those things are likely to break your chances, you actually land up with a better chance at an honest relationship.

destruction journal

of course like everyone else you read on the interwebs, you’re gonna take this with a pinch of salt. as you must. so before you go out breaking things, just write them down first before you change your mind. make a destruction journal.

just play around with questions like these and put them down in the journal. you’ll be surprised by the results of this adventure into the dark side. you may destroy facets of yourself that you don’t want to be anymore. you may burn down the unnecessary baggage you’ve carried for years.

the force is definitely stronger on the dark side. aren’t you gonna play with it?

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