cold places warm faces

what is it about the Himalayas that made me feel at home? i came here for the solitude, the spirituality and the silence of the hills. the cold was expected but the warmth was not.

i’ve grown up closer to the equator with warm sunny weather and in the midst of people aplenty; talkative, noisy, and exuberant. any metropolitan city across the world would have offered the same experience really (except maybe the weather). but nothing i’d experienced while hitchhiking 3000km en route to the Himalayas prepared me for the welcome i’ve received.

nostalgia is a drug

that was over two decades ago so i’ll talk about the moment now. as the altitude increases, volume reduces. traffic for sure though since i’m in an open rickshaw, the horn hits harder than in an enclosed cab. that’s not it though. it’s the people.

everyone’s a lot quieter. not silent. but softer for sure. speech is pleasant and soothing. even when it’s demanding double the fare for half the distance.

maybe i’m just bring romantic and nostalgic and mushing over my luck. locked in for two years without much human interaction especially with strangers can be a shock to return from. the serendipity of twitter seems like a bubbly, frothy experience while this irl serendipity seems like a deep dive into a stranger time and place than we’re currently navigating.

i’m surprisingly quiet irl (while traveling) to savour and soak in the experience of every moment; the environs, the people, the vibes. so engaging with an Iranian who had come to study yoga and holistic science for three years was enchanting. after so many racket conversations behind a mic, i’d almost forgotten what conversations with irl strangers felt like.

irl <-> url

maybe i’m just being the gen Xer that i am but the ecstasy of url engagement is not as satisfying as savouring life irl. as we move into the metaverse era, i’m amused by the seesaw that we’ll be playing on.

after the last two years online, maybe i will spend the next two offline. after the rabid engagement with a thousand plus people, maybe i’ll hibernate with minimal interaction.

Aspect of Courage was talking about reply game of twitter accounts below 10k and above 10k. and i am now drawing parallels of living below 10k feet and above 10k feet. what would happen to me if i lived in the stratosphere, not engaging with the world and it’s people?

then again i’m reminded of Christophe Porot beckoning for geniuses to interact with people. of course as i’ve admitted in hubris in the hills, i’m a genius whether people accept it or not.

the question is, what does a genius really do?

service is always the answer no matter how you look at it but i’m questioning the medium and method of service. maybe i’ll just dance on the mountain tops till the world is destroyed.

am i likening the url world as a cold place where i found many warm faces? and irl world as a warm world where people can be (un)surprisingly cold? by distancing myself from the world, will i become a warmer, more loving individual than i am (hardly)? like i said in toys, games, and play, i’m only discovering more questions with each step and what better adventure can there be?

if you landed here inadvertently, you can find your way back to base camp at the heavenly and happy Himalayas and try climbing any of the other trails. if you’re wondering what this is all about, we’re two of a kind 😁 if you know exactly what i’m talking about, we’re one and you know it.

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