are you a creator or consumer?

when the time comes to share on social media, inanity rules the mind and that explains the deluge of “i’m eating cheeseburger” posts. the problem doesn’t lie there, but rather deeper in one’s psyche which is what we’ll target.

the self

the growth of an individual plotted across a graph is linear in time but the self often hides within and refuses to come out let alone play. many are afraid to express themselves as they truly are and others are so caught up in who they want to be, that they stifle who they really are.

the battle rages within and the way to embrace is one of honesty. it takes courage to be honest and express oneself truly. the goal is not to be an exuberant extrovert. it simply is to be honestly and truly your own self. the digital realm has an extraordinary term which would best denote the ideal…


what you see is what you get. bare yourself to the world and let them know who you really are. the result may not always be spectacular and crowd pleasing. they may hate you for it. worse, the world may not even notice.

It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not. Andre Gide

present perfect

the pursuit of perfection has been the ruin of many a brilliant mind. writing in the present tense serves to snap the mind out of its habit of past rumination or pondering on future prophecy. the magic of the moment is best experienced by thinking and acting in the present. talk about who you are, not who you were or who you want to be.

there is never time in the future in which we will work out our ideal solution for the problems of the past. the challenge is in the moment; the time is always now. discuss matters of immediate relevance rather than past mistakes or future insecurities. as the zen monk would say “you are sitting in a brightly lit room and dreaming of a dimly lit future.”

the “moment” has no yesterday or tomorrow. it is not the result of thought and therefore has no time. Bruce Lee

reaching out

living in one’s shell is easy. growing out of it and walking free is not so easy. living with others is the real challenge and one that we are here on earth to accomplish. once you’ve successfully stated sharing your self honestly to the world, the next step is acknowledging the value of your offering.

the world is your oyster and they are waiting for the pearls of wisdom. it’s important to understand that you are unique and stand to radiate an energy that the world wants to experience. share with people what you know and believe. start small and share your story; how you live, work or play.

the philosophy of your existence or the principles of your expertise, it doesn’t matter whether you share imaginary ideas or concrete details. what matters is that they are relevant to the audience you are reaching out to.

let them know what you really believe in, how they can achieve what you have, why they should walk the path you are walking and where they can discover the truths you have uncovered.

share the journey of your evolution and let the world walk with you.

create, not just consume

retweets, reposts, shares and likes are widely used in the social playground. they are what cascade and create a viral ripple that echoes throughout. but what is more vital to the health is not viral but growth of the social realm through creation of ideas and content.

the consumer seeks to devour information and in most cases isn’t even processing the data before sending it rippling across the social universe.

the creator on the other hand is the drop of water that starts the series of ripples that will echo across eternity. what you create may not even make a ripple, let alone a splash but the important thing is to keep at it and exercise the ability that distinguishes you as creator from the consumer.

consider it your duty to feed the consumer. no, actually you only owe it to yourself to share honestly with the world, your own self: ideas, thoughts, plans and action. you don’t owe it to the world to provide valuebut you do owe it to yourself to honestly express yourselfinyourinteractions with world.

every child is a creator, so what’s stopping you from creating?

nothing really matters when you sit down to create, yet the end result benefits not just you, but everyone that interacts with you, your energy. the social universe will ripple with that energy you exude.

wake up. walk on. play. create. share.

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