the day is for play

the first night brought the cold along with it and i felt it coming. the moon was full and the sun was long gone. if you’ve been following along this trail of mine, you’ll know i was embracing the warm hug of solitude at the time.

the night got colder and my hands began to go numb. not alarmingly so, but i was observant of the changes. of the subtle signs and the most so subtle shifts in the body’s attempt to manage the dearth of heat. i enjoy being observant and that’s one of the reasons silence appeals to me. it enhances my ability to hear what is being said, by the world around me.

night is for work

the night is usually 1/3 of the 24 hour cycle we play by. it seems uncommonly long when i struggle to sleep, which is rather rare. it seems like it passed by in the blink of an eye when i slept like a baby. which is very common.

yes, i’ve been gifted with the ability to sleep like a log though i’m not sure why people assume that a tree who’s been chopped off will promptly go to sleep. i’ve been tracking my sleep just to have the technological reassurance that i got enough deep sleep, REM sleep and overall shuteye time.

what is the benefit and purpose of sleep that we dedicate so much time to it. rest, recovery and repair of course. both physiological and psychological. and i’m now beginning to realise that this is actually work. sleep is when my body mind or mind body is actually at work, cleaning up, maintaining balance and preparing for the next day at play.

day is for play

this morning i woke up and it was still cold so i cuddled back in for a while though i let the sun in to sleep beside me. it was satisfactorily pleasant but the twinge of cold was still there.

got out and started moving my body in the best way possible - anyhow! but i needed to crank things up to overcome my hesitation of the cold, sunny sure but still cold. so i did what i always do - leap before i look and stripped to my shorts and started jumping around.

i was minutely ecstatic. not quite contradictory in case you’re wondering, for the cold wind was now my friend playing with me and teasing me since is agreed to jump in and play. without protection or trepidation.

of course, i probably wouldn’t last very long but a short while later, the sun which was hiding behind the hills came up and it was now warm. suddenly, just like that, i was sweating and the game was on. the day has begun and i’m ready to explore the moments that lie ahead.

the joy of being embraced by the sun is the fuel i use to be playful. it’s not just the heat or the light but the warmth of spirit that inspires and invigorates my intention to live, to play, to create, to delight. to continue on my journey through the heavenly and happy Himalayas.

i don't write ✍🏼 these nodes grow 🌱 all by themselves, so enjoy swinging through like i do...