do you wonder?

when was the last time you wondered? not worry, but wonder. isn’t that something we’ve forgotten as adults? something that’s been replaced by your regular run of the mill, garden variety worry.

if you’re wondering why, there’s hope for you yet. if you’ve already dismissed this even before you read ahead, you’re exactly the kind of person i’m worried for. the kind that forgotten the wonder of wondering.


every child knows what it is like to live in wonder. to be constantly curious about what lies ahead. beyond the grasp of one’s vision for the future. it’s easy to dismiss a childlike wonder as ignorance manifested as curiosity.

which would explain why adults don’t wonder. because we have all the answers. there’s an app for that. Google has single handedly helped literally every adult on the planet feel all knowing.

but i don’t think ‘knowing’ needs to detract us from wondering. have we actually become impotent? strong word you might say. but think about it. what would you say if you felt no desire to engage in intercourse of any kind, be it sexual or conversational.

we crave connection in one form or another. we lust for it. we long for it. pine for it, when we don’t get it. why then don’t we feel that same desire, drive and lust for life’s secrets?

don’t be a bookworm

be a wonder worm. literacy has meant that everyone who knows a few dozen alphabets can read and discover for themselves the knowledge of the ages. if  that wasn’t enough, we have the internet which has opened up the possibility of accessing anything, anytime, anywhere.

reading is the easiest way to use the understanding gained by other thinkers from the past and the present, to make intellectual progress. and we’re definitely seeing examples of this as people are growing in their quest for knowledge.

but what if we are stunting growth by feeding curiosity instead of causing growth by starving one of knowledge? Steve Jobs wanted us to ‘stay hungry, stay foolish’ and i wonder if that’s what made him the man he was. his capacity for wonder. what else set him apart in an environment where probably everyone was smarter and better read than him?

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write a book before you read it

this seems silly but the next time you want to learn something by reading about it, write everything you know about it first. then write everything you don’t know about it. know what you know. know what you don’t know. and now, spend time wondering about it until you’re generate insights seemingly out of thin air.

only when you’ve gone through all three steps, and experienced the hunger for knowledge eating away at your insides, allow yourself the luxury of reading, listening or watching other thinker’s ideas, insights and study.

the same can be done before you start studying an online course. first, collect your own thoughts, insights and conduct your own experiments. second, search and explore by yourself with the Internet’s best and worst resources. third, collect all relevant data and create your own course. and only when all of that is completed, should you allow yourself to enroll in a course online; self-paced or cohort based.

where is the wonder?

you may assume that science has all the answers. if there’s anything scientists thrive on, it’s questions. and questions are symptomatic of wonder.

The problem is not people being uneducated. The problem is that people are educated just enough to believe what they have been taught, and not educated enough to question anything from what they have been taught. Richard Feynman

before you seek to satiate your desires, savor the sweet taste of hunger. before you satiate that thirst for knowledge, savor the wonder that set you on that quest.

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