fun with benefits

ever since i’ve been raving about play, it’s always been about the infinite game for me. there’s no end game to what i’m playing. in fact there’s no game at all (which is how i see the infinite game). James Carse has divided games into finite and infinite games.

now i still haven’t read that seminal work of his but i’m willing to bet that most people are interested in the finite game. which is why i’m always asked about the benefits of play. and i’m just like 🤷🏻‍♂️ fun!

journey not the destination

yup, you’ve heard all this before too. it’s the journey not the destination, yada yada. you know deep inside it’s true but you can’t be bothered because you gotta have your eyes on the prize right?

we’re conditioned since forever to believe that the future is where fortune lies waiting. that we must trudge diligently towards that pot of gold on the other side of the rainbow. that we must endure the journey righteously and only through suffering will we find ourselves or the treasure or whatever else you’re looking for.

but what if you could do away with the suffering, nor need to endure the journey? enjoying the journey is never offered as an option. so i’m sure you’re skeptical about it now. keep those eyebrows raised, we’ve a ways to go.

journeymen not the journey

you are absolutely right or atleast your raised eyebrows were. enjoying the journey is practically impossible. except with company. with a little help from my friends, the most painful of paths can become a walk in the park.

let us cherish those who walk with us. let us celebrate them. most of us as adults struggle to express emotion simply and sincerely. what makes it worse is the fact that other adults are equally inept at accepting such expression. gratitude amongst all is one of the harder to express emotions.

the most amazing aspect of this celebration of gratitude is the sheer force with which it comes flooding back. i’ve never once felt anything but awesome after honestly expressing heart felt gratitude. even when it has been rejected by the intended recipient.

journey is the destination

as a child playing was never about the game let alone the score. it was about making and meeting playmates, discovering and exploring playgrounds and curiously creating playbooks to navigate the world.

that was the ‘game of life’ as it is. the infinite game as James would call it. let’s retrain our eyes to seek that sense of adventure and play for the sake of fun. not fame or fortune. let your eyes sparkle with the magic of play 🤩

dive into the ocean of fun and let yourself drown. for we don’t need to find ourselves or our purpose even. we need only lose ourselves in the process of play. enjoy the journey, the journeymen and the sights along the way. for we won’t be walking this way again.

here for the benefits

thought you might feel cheated, but fret not. what play has to offer is everything you ever wanted and everything you will ever need. but if you’re so busy wanting it, you’re not gonna get it.

it’s when you couldn’t care less, because you’re so busy having fun that the heavens open up and shower blessings on you like there’s no tomorrow. so here’s what i want you to do. the next time you sit down (or get up) to play, quickly write down all the benefits you want from the game.

now look at that hastily scribbled note. take a good hard look. and rip it to shreds! yup. that simple. rinse and repeat every single time you’re down to play. and remember everything is a game. you can use this if you’re trying to get laid or land a raise. the fun is all the same, only the games change.

you can have fun and get all the benefits you thought you had to sacrifice fun for… but first, let’s play!

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