how to stay young by playing

the eternal fountain of youth has entranced many treasure hunters through history. but it’s closer than you think and easier to grasp than you may imagine.

i’m past 40, and of course i’m growing old compared to what i was yesterday. but i don’t feel old. i’m still physically and mentally capable, and i’m hell in a tea cup for any young punk who even thinks of rubbing me the wrong way.

but none of these attributes make me younger than my years. i’ve even retired and my days are spent lounging in an easy chair like any old man, surrounded my cats, birds and plants. then what is it that keeps me magically young; carefree and charismatic?

the young make history the old talk about history

magic of the moment

i don’t know about the esoteric magic practices from the ancient past or the parlor tricks and sleight of hand that still enthrall TV viewers worldwide. but i’m a wizard of the present.

i can see all of mankind’s history and future in this moment of supreme reality. this moment of infinite possibility. i can dance between the two polarities and play with the present like any child worth his salt.

if you’re wondering how to live in the moment, and you pick up a bunch of self help books (autocorrect turned that into a self hemp book 😆) you’re surely moving in the opposite direction.

the moment you start reading a book expecting to learn something from that experience which will transform you, you’re living in the future. so much for the present moment. the same holds true for any podcast, youtube video or learning experience.

the playful don’t hope for a better future, a better version of their self. they’re too busy celebrating the present moment in all it’s glory. and that’s how you know  if you’re in the moment or not. that sense of tremendous gratitude and joy of celebration for what is.

not regret over what was or hope for what can be.

objects in the rear view mirror are closer than they appear

the past always has a way of catching up with you. in fact it’s never far away as you like to believe. it’s always breathing down your back like a good ghost, haunting you till you die.

you can run, but you can’t hide. well, you can but the past will always catch up with you. and that’s a feature not a bug. it’s only when the past catches up and grabs you by the neck or balls, that you’re finally free to live in the present.

have you dealt with the past? or are you still dwelling in the past? the past is yours to jettison like ballast to rise from the depths to the surface where you can once again feel the lightness of being, instead of being weighed down by darkness of the past.

but the past doesn’t have to always scare you. revisiting the past and reveling in nostalgia is a warning sign that you’re growing old. and growing old is not a chronological shift but a displacement from the present.

real-time realization of one’s age might be a strange pill to digest, but you could be young in age and old in presence, and vice versa. all of that is on you. right here. right now.

the fountain of youth is not a place, but a time. and that time is now. let’s play!

and if you’re wondering what i’m making, it’s not a product or a service to benefit all of mankind. all i’m making is the most of this moment. and that my friends, is fucking history already… 🤣

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