hubris in the hills

i’m a self-confessed genius and if you think i’m being preposterous, you have two choices:

because i do. i do think just as highly of yourself. not the version wondering why you’re even reading this drivel in the first place. but the one whose curiosity is piqued and who’s giggling as you read this.

worth & worthlessness

there’s a world where every single creature (animate or inanimate) has equal value but it’s not the world we believe in.

you might even believe that no one is inferior or superior, but that line of thinking is incomplete. i’m sometimes inferior to the person i was yesterday (or year), and at other times vastly superior to the me i was a mere moment ago.

i like to think every one of us has equal opportunity and equal responsibility to rise to our maximum potential in the moment. whether that happens or not is a multiplayer game where we don’t compete but challenge each other to rise to those peaks.

and this playful perspective puts me in a position to accept the reality of the moment, and use it to steer me forward, or upwards. sometimes i may appear to go backwards, sometimes in circles but what if i’m just gathering potential to catapult forward in a flamboyant display of fiery fireworks?

the finite flaw

any finite experience of the moment is powerful in it’s potential to chart the future. yet it’s impotent in it’s ability to alter the past. between these polar opposites of impotence and omnipotence, we play as humans.

hacking away at the source code of the universe is an ability we’ve always possessed but have rarely explored. is it magical and mystical to believe and dabble in such? only if you don’t believe. for those that do (like every infant) the game is theirs to play.

as you start playing you’ll soon discover the difference between toys, games, and play and engage accordingly. every move in the game looks finite but every play stretches to infinity if you’ll only lean back far enough.

weekend death

when lost in the pursuit of the finite game, the infinite seeks to break free and party like there’s no tomorrow (for there isn’t). for some the weekend experience of liberation from routine is enlightening enough.

others embark on short sabbaticals from the soul sucking slavery that we know as careers. yet others jump out and stretch their legs after being stuck to the board game of life. ah! what a relief to feel the freedom of numbness coming alive painfully and playfully.

i have a choice to return to the game at any moment of my choosing or yanked back in by the roll of life’s dice. isn’t that exciting to imagine that i could be dragged back once more into the fray just when i thought i’d fought free. haha! nightmarish more like to experience such extremes without buffer. well, that is precisely the trip i’m here for. to play with possibilities and have them play with me in return.

reflexive resurgence

the thought of life being nothing more than a knee jerk response to a dream i have no recollection of, might seem silly. but how much of my life’s decisions are driven by active intellectual machinations?

this is what i think of as hubris, not what you like to believe. we are gods, are we not? we are humans, are we not? we are acting faster than we think we are, even when we think before we act. much that is fussed over in life is of little consequence in the grand infinite game that we’re playing.

if all this is giving you a nosebleed or makes you want to give me one, let’s celebrate! that’s certainly one way we can play together. now if you want to play with all the possibilities and wrangle with the secrets of the universe, play with this merry moment, right here, right now.

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