inspire. incite. infect

what are you looking to do with this whole play shtick?

it’s very hard for people to digest purposeless play. and all the badgering gets me second guessing. do i really have a grandiose goal being all this irreverent play?

when one’s ideology is pushed, there are only two possible outcomes. one, it crumbles or two, it solidifies. personally, the more i’m pushed, the brighter i shine. so today i was happy to reinforce my belief behind purposeless play by choosing three verbs instead of nouns. i’m not doing this with a purpose, but this is what i’m doing with a passion.


i hate this word. it makes me feel all important and hoity toity. like i’m some damn lighthouse who’s very presence inspires and guides others to find their way in the darkness.

i’m a narcissist, so i shower enough love and attention on myself as it is. sure, y’all are welcome to love me, worship me and place me on a pedestal. i’d soak that up without batting an eyelid or even the slightest hint of a blush. but i’m not here to build an army of stans.

the real reason why i don’t like that word is because it fails to pull its weight when it really counts. inspiration is (just) a spark. it’s designed to get the fire started. not to keep it going.

most of us today are constantly dependent on inspiration like a drug to keep us going. it’s not only going to get you addicted, it’ll also make you dependent on others to inspire you. you forfeit the greatest resource you could ever tap into.

your own inner self. i don’t want that inner self to be burnt out by your abuse of inspiration, whether it’s from me or others. which is why i’m here to remind you that if you get that 1% inspiration hit from me, you gotta push out that 99% playspiration yourself.


there’s so much negative energy in the world. and people thrive on negative energy. it’s easier to get people to hate each other than it is to love each other. i can see why negativity gets a bad rep but i can also see beyond that.

it is a travesty to disrespect energy; positive or negative. fire is the energy that brings life to us all. it can be creative or destructive. it can heal or it can hurt. so i don’t see energy as negative or positive. when i see it as negative, it just means i’m incapable of handling it and thus will only burn myself when i try.

but it’s only when i learn to wield the flame, that i realise, what made man unique in the animal kingdom. not the opposable thumb, not the ability to use and leverage tools but the ability to dance with fire.

this is a powerful and dangerous energy, but i choose to play with it anyway. there’s so much in this world regardless. and so many people are being hurt by it anyway. so i will play with it. and incite you with this energy to play.


if the previous ‘i’ got a little dark, this is where it gets fun again. probably not the right word in current circumstances. but then again fun is infectious and what we need, what the world needs is a pandemic of fun.

it’s not about the products i’m going to make that will gamify your life, or the services i’ll offer that will bring the bounce back in your step. it’s about the spirit of play that you get infected by.

and don’t just keep it to yourself. spread that joy. share that delight. spark that fun. infect your world with the spirit of play. this isn’t a one many army. this isn’t a centralised concerted attack against the adult kingdom by an erstwhile juvenile brat.

it’s each one of us flirting with the spirit of play and exploring how far we can push this. how much fun can we have, before we call a time out? it’s only a struggle if you try to pull this off alone. together, it’s a breeze. life is a multiplayer game. let’s rock this playground like there’s no tomorrow and yet play the game like it’ll never end. are you with me?

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