learn to live or live to earn?

if you’ve been following me on racket, you’ll know i’ve been talking a lot about education, learning, teaching, creativity both online and IRL.

my current series with the profoundly prolific & eternally curious @mostlynotworkin has my thoughts racing & flowing in the same vein. now that @tekondeck and i are starting another series together, i’m drawn deeper into the rabbit hole of education, and the future of mankind as a consequence.

if you’re most know, i’m coming in from the dark side. growing up as an enfant terrible, i’ve rejected authority of parents, educators and the larger social system at every turn of my life. so my viewpoints will veer towards the unconventional, abrasive and subversive while still embracing the spirit of inclusivity and improvement of all on this planet towards our greater good.

pondering points to play with

here are some points i’m playing with that will offer an overarching theme for my explorations in this subject.

do the means justify the ends?

forget the animal sacrifice of our pagan past, the modern practise of child sacrifice is very much prevalent. shocked? that’s exactly what the school system does to the creativity & curiosity of our young. is destroying the high spiritedness of youth in lieu of a brighter future, an acceptable trade off, and if so who makes that decision?

wealth over health?

every child aiming for high performance (physical or mental) is drawn towards ingesting drug cocktails (legal or illegal). we partly encourage such behaviour because we’re more concerned with short term institutional growth through high performing (and quick burning) individuals, than long term social sustainability of stable, steadfast individuals.

individualism or collectivism

the learning journey enables, empowers and encourages the individual to progress as a single player from start to finish. when exposed to the larger ecosystem outside, the realisation that life is a multiplayer game hits as a surprise, most are unprepared for. the inability to engage, interact and play nicely together has long been lost.

microcosm or macrocosm

we’re obsessed with systemic wealth without focus on individual health. ensuring healthcare for all is not the same as educating each on healthy habits. offering comfort for the masses is removing challenges for our asses. our individual health is sacrificed at the altar of progress and then sold back to us as a freebie. how can we inculcate holistic habits of harmony in every child growing up?

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