all you need is love - love is all i need

All you need is love, love Love is all you need All you need is love, all together now All you need is love, everybody All you need is love, love Love is all you need Love is all you need Love is all you need Love is all you need…

i was in my teens when the hippie haven in the Himalayas was on it’s last legs. the Woodstock vibes were slowly crawling back into the woodwork. the times were changing but i still got one last good hit of those good vibes.

Charles Sobhraj didn’t kill the merry vibes. the world just decided there’s more to life than the love of love. but what happened to me? i lost all sensation of love or hate and was lost in the limbo of indifference.

love to hate

while hate is greatly vilified in the public eye, it’s also generously applied by the same public. so is there really such a great difference between the two?

hate is a ferocious energy that channels all the passion and channelises it in to destroyed the other. amusingly enough it ends up destroying oneself too in the process.

and i loved to hate. hated school. hated rules. hated tutors. hated family. hated friends. hated everything around me. why so much hate you might ask? maybe i’d fallen in love with hate.

or maybe it was my body’s way of recovering from the heavy dose of barbiturates, i’d been prescribed as a child. suffering a few epileptic seizures apparently get you a gate pass to her high as a kite even before i got into kindergarten.

regardless, all that hate eventually met it’s comeuppance with good ol’ mary jane. and all was well in the universe again as i hopped to the hills to dance with the angels (both earthly and heavenly). it’s actually quite improbable to tell the difference between the two.

then there was indifference

if mary jane taught me to love, lady heroin taught me the elite way of indifference. it’s another thing completely to experience the rarified air of indifference from the fiery pits of passionate fire.

this mind space was mellow. even yellow. i didn’t feel the desire to fight for what i thought was right. in fact the list of things to care about grew shorter and eventually there was nothing, and no one to care about.

if there ever is a rock-bottom, you’ll find it in these barren lands of carelessness. not caring for one self. not caring for others. not caring for the world. not caring for the little dog that lived down the lane. it’s a cold day when you reach these shores. and it was a while before i left these lands.

where are we today?

i’m here today to play and slay. the killer of bad vibes and keeper of good vibes. i’m celebrating my adventures. i’m dancing with the earth. staring at the skies. screaming at the dreams that show up like murky meerkats.

there’s no purpose to this game. i’m indifferent to the ways of the world yet caring for those that walk on it. uncaring for ambition and goals yet mindful of every game i play.

how will i know i’ve found what i’m looking for if i don’t know what i want? does it matter though? cuz all you need is love ♥

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