magic carpet ride

the lockdown in my town has been extended by another two weeks. the mood of everyone around is dull and morose. and why wouldn’t it be, nobody likes being stuck at home. but i couldn’t be bothered.

in fact i’ve barely moved from my bunker in a year now save a few hikes into the hills. yet, i’m happier than i’ve ever been. what’s my secret?

the best place on earth

the best place on earth is actually the best time. there are two times every single day that are as magical as the most picturesque places.

sunrise. this magical space and time is accessible to anyone, anywhere. unless of course you’re in solitary confinement in a high security prison. in which case i’m sure you wouldn’t be reading this, so i’m not gonna bother about you.

sunset. this is equally magical an experience and allows you to reflect at the day gone by as the sun waltzes behind the horizon. you don’t have to be in a high security prison though. just nose deep in a zoom call and you’d miss this. this post is for you.

these are two divine experiences that are available to you every single day. lockdown or no lockdown. but are you making the best of this opportunity now that you don’t have the excuse of making haste in the morning to rush to work? do you realise that you don’t have to be buried in an office cubicle with white incandescent lights like in a mortuary.

fly imaginairy

close your eyes. lie down flat on your back. take a few deep breaths and relax into a soft stupor like trance. as you zone into that lull of a baby’s sleep, drift your imagination into your favorite or desired vacation spot.

picture every detail around you. if you’re at a beach, feel the sand beneath your feet. the wind rustling through the palm leaves above you. the scent of the ocean as the soft spray reaches you. the roar of the waves as it hits the shore.

it doesn’t matter how poor you think your imagination is, it can only get better the more you play this game. you can explore different places, terrains, experiences or stay true to the one experience that you resonate with.

start with less than 10 minutes (as little as 2 min) and slowly build up to 20 minutes. use accessories to support your experience. you could place a straw hat on your head as you lie down with eyes closed imagining it to be the beach, and the hat is protecting you from the sun. a fan directed at you will give you the experience of feeling the cool mountain breeze as you lie in a hammock next to your log cabin, high up in the hills. as children we could imagine magical lands, colorful castles, mighty dragons and beauteous characters with effortless ease. as adults we look at their world of imagination as make believe. unreal. imaginary. but take another look at the delight on their faces while they’re playing that game. tell me that’s unreal.

what are you waiting for? take off on flights of fancy and enjoy the lockdown life. you’ve never had it better. no visa. no passport. no tickets. just lie back on your magic carpet and…

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