minari magic

if you want more than just a spoiler, here are the all the details of this film - read the screenplay.  if you want to watch the movie,  here’s a trailer to whet your appetite.

this story has many themes that resonated with me. but this is something i want to address first because more people than ever before are burning out.  this goes out to all of you who are experiencing this. maybe it’s just a niggling pain in your butt or maybe it’s bringing your world down to ashes.

effort and virtue ⚙️

there’s something deeply ingrained in all of us, regardless of culture, race, religion, gender. the tethering of effort to virtue. everyone believes in working hard. hard work will lead you to the land of your dreams.

Jacob is breaking his back and his bank trying to get his newly procured farm up to speed. he toils and struggles to find water, grow crops alien to that soil and then distribute the produce. all while holding down a lacklustre job ‘staring at chicken butts’.

but his belief in the virtue of hard work and the hope of ensuing success doesn’t bear fruit. and worse, leaves the family feeling tense or frustrated. the gravity of the situation bears heavy on everyone.

effortless ease 🍃

the granny Soonja on the other hand is the lazy and laid back character who just is happy watching wrestling on TV, playing cards, cursing casually and sipping Mountain Dew.

all she does is drop a few seeds of a weed along a creek which grows with no more effort on her part. as a character she amuses me. we spend all our efforts in creating content, products, services and offering value through many mediums. yet we all want to go viral (the formula for which is still dependent on much more than anything else.

here comes the parable of minari, the weed. which grows without care. without tending. without effort. offers succour to those in need and joy to those in want. the plant is both edible and offers medicinal value.

magic makes light 🪄

magic is many things to many people, but to the viewer, to the audience, magic is magical simply because it appears effortless. if you can explain how it’s done, it won’t be magic anymore. the mystery is so because it looks like it was just the waving of a wand or the muttering of a phrase.

when you see a large metal crane lift a heavy object, it seams awe inspiring no doubt. but a balloon lifting people into the air seems far more magical. there’s something in the levity of the balloon that makes the effort look effortless.

struggle and suffering are not going to be eradicated from human existence but i want you to ask yourself - what can i do to make my life easy today? we’re all working hard at something or the other. but it doesn’t have to be so and you can so something about it.

Everything that happens, happens at the only possible time it can happen, and it is always at exactly the right time. We cannot get to an appointment before we arrive—or after. It is only at the instant of our arrival that we can arrive, and that is always at exactly the right moment, the perfect moment, the only possible moment. Wu Wei

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