peek out of the window into yourself

while i once scoffed at the selfie generation, it’s silly not to see the value of constantly peeking into a perception of self that we can then manipulate into public acceptance, appreciation and even applause. but are we really looking within at who we truly are?

the world around us is full of illusions, some drawn by us, some scribbled hastily by others, some painstakingly developed by what we believe others want to see. and these are all illusions, regardless of the truth in them. what we believe is the truth is but a part of the whole. an ever changing, ever evolving malleable mess of me-ness that i can’t barely fathom, let alone embrace as myself.

so which version of me is me and which isn’t? i’m simply not splitting hairs here so i’m embracing every single fucking version of myself that i can muster or you may allege. there’s a freedom that arises from the abandonment of illusion.

yes! the identity you bestow or that which i claim, are both illusions for i’m beyond the game of roles and rules. i’m the player, the opponent, the game, the exultation of victory and the crushing misery of defeat.

so when you look into the screen again to see your face, know that what you see is a mere fragment of who you are. if you want to truly see that which is, close your eyes and look within for there lie answers guarded by monsters and moats. there is the game you crave to play. the game of discovery, of hide n seek with your own serendipitous self.

Remember, the enemy has only images and illusions, behind which he hates his true motives. Destroy the image, and you will break the enemy.

Bruce Lee, Enter the Dragon

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