why are we playing the game of life?

we’re driven by purpose and we believe that this is what makes us human. empires were built by galvanising forces around a common purpose, be glory to god or glory to the ruler. people were coerced, cajoled, convinced, confused or simply forced to follow.

choose your destiny

we’ve moved into an era where we may choose our own destiny. find our own purpose and make our own missions. we can start making these choices as early as teens and can pivot paths as late as we dare.

and while it does appear like i’m a man on a mission, the truth is simpler than it appears. i don’t need a mission. i don’t want a mission. if my life has to have a meaning and purpose, so too must the universe and all of existence. and i find it quite silly to assume there is some grand goal and purpose to this game of life and death. 

playing without purpose

my life has no purpose and i’m comfortable in this glorious uncertainty and unpredictability of life as it is. i don’t desire to enforce a structure to the chaos that reigns supreme. the freedom of playing without purpose and loving without a system is considered a bug. indigenous tribes and their cultures were crushed and destroyed to make way for structure, system, and purpose. i will not do the same to my instinct.

games are goals

the world we live in, is a game. a game that comprised of games within games within games. we’re playing as single players while being a part of a multiplayer player simulation. there are rules to these games and there are roles we play within them.

but i can choose to play the game to win, play the game to learn, play the game to keep it going, or play the game just to game it and make something more fun. games are fun goals. goals ought to be fun games. everyone is busy playing the game without realising it’s a game. what if i told you you’d have more fun playing the game if you know you’re playing the game? maybe you don’t believe me, but in any case we’re all playing games, either each other’s games or our own.

so i invite you to tell me about how you want to play the game of (your) life. i’m a player without a game, but i’m down to play with or without a game. with or without rules. with or without a role. i don’t care for purpose or meaning. i don’t care for games. but i’m here, down to play. whatchu got?

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