play the game of life

how do i want to play the game of life?

do i want to go on the all out offensive or do i want to just play defensively? what if i was passive and didn’t play at all?

what do i want from my day? what do i demand from existence? not in a hoity-toity tooty-snooty sorta way but in a matter of fact ‘what else are you here for but to make me smile and dance with glee?’ way. 

i don’t want to barely survive the day or conquer the day like life needs to be vanquished either. i want to embrace life like we’re born for each other, not like it’s a journey i must endure, or a lesson i must learn. what if it’s a game we’re playing together, life and i? and this life is my creation, a game i made to challenge and excite me?

this isn’t just a philosophical or metaphysical construct to explore hypothetically. it can be the way i live my day. i want to start my day with questions that i can spend the rest of my day seeking answers for. like it’s a game i’m playing with life who’s going to throw challenges at me to obfuscate the answers.

maybe the clues are hidden in the food or feed i consume. maybe there’s something in the conversations i have with the people i meet. maybe my own mind will drop a hint or two inadvertently. maybe the answer will just fall in my lap without me even looking for it. but the bigger question here is, what are my questions?

what are the burning questions of your life that you wake up every morning looking for answers to?

and how would you like it if you just had to wish and wait like you do at Christmas and the gifts would just fall in your lap? 🎁🎄

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