play with intensity

playing as a child was always an intense experience regardless of the action involved. whether physically active or mentally, i was immersed in the activity. as an adult, that intensity seems reserved only for adverse or extreme situations.

soaking in the experience

much has been spoken about being in the here and now. and much has been read about it. but how often are you soaking in the here and now?

play drops us smack into the deep end, even when it looks like we’re just splashing around frivolously. this is our default state really, there’s no secret to achieving this state of immersion. you might call it mindfulness, concentration, focus, meditation, flow or whatever’s trending but it’s child’s play really.

why work hard to dive into a state when you can be effortlessly sucked into it?

every sacred process that points to elation & liberation was once discovered through the process of play. so why follow the process when you can explore play?

i’ll tell you why. fear. you know it. you feel it. what if i make a mistake? what if i fail to find what i’m looking for? what if others reach the goal faster?

there’s no dearth to the depths that fear can take you. and modern man’s obsession with data simply adds fuel to that fire. oops, i meant fear. did i? not that there’s much difference.

fear and fire

fire has the potential to be used to destroy or sustain life. and we’ve always prided ourselves on our ability to harness fire for our own good. playing with the nuances between scalding and soothing heat.

we didn’t completely avoid fire when we discovered that it can hurt. playing with fire helped us realise it can also heal. if we can play with fire, we can play with fear.

question the origin of your hesitation to play. what’s preventing you and pulling you back from returning to your default state of total immersion in the moment? there’s no need to fight the fear, just watch it like you would a scary movie.

grab a tub of popcorn and watch the scenes in which you cower in fear. observe your response to the various scary stimuli of life. document them so you can regurgitate and relive them again.

does that sound traumatic? what if that was indeed the purpose of trauma - to rerun how you reacted and play with possible permutations to respond that takes you back to that default state of play.

splash on the surface

does all this talk of diving deep scare you? well, that’s exactly what we’re playing with here. walking that tightrope of fear and desire - and intensity is what it takes to cross it.

remember, you only need to dive as deep as you dare. and let that be dictated by your comfort level. push a little bit closer to the edge each time you feel excited. pull back from the edge each time you’re wracked by fear. if you think it’s too far you’re probably right. if you think it’s not far enough you’re probably right.

the beauty of play is you can splash on the surface, even just dipping your toes in. or you can dive straight in head first. what you do and when is all a matter of playing with circumstance and capability. it’s never about getting better at the game, but always about playing in the here and now.

there’s never any hurry. whatever has to happen will. break your bubble of (perceived) security, crank up your intensity and expose yourself to the elements. like a true nature’s child, you were born to be wild! play with the fear and desire of life’s game. we’re all in this together. be scared. be excited. soak in. splash on. play the game anyway you desire regardless of the seriousness of frivolousness of the game at hand. intensely immersed in the here and now.

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