be a playpal


joy is our default state of mind. period. and play is the way to get there. but we have forgotten how to enjoy without reason, like children can.

take a walk on the fun side!

find your fun. enjoy your day, not just endure it. life’s a trip, so let’s jump on the fun-wagon and create memories together with other play pals.

you know you want to

but you’re at a standstill and life seems like a chore instead of an adventure

you feel the gravity of life weighing you down, and you’re missing the levity of play you enjoyed as a child.

if only you didn’t have to work…

our lives revolve around work and even if you enjoy what you do, feel like it’s your purpose in life…

don’t you wonder if there is more to life than work?

play offers a gateway to the infinite through the magic of the moment, beyond a life of mere meaning and purpose.

so what’s in it for you?

do i really need this?

this trip is what you need to breeze through your mid life crisis, not a sports car or a hot affair!

get on the bus before you’re ready, because you’ll never be and that’s perfecto 🤌🏽

playpals is an online road trip for people who are looking for that spring in their step they once had as a child 🥳

this ‘p’lay’gram restores the mind, body, and spirit to the state of homeostasis we enjoyed as children.

⏹ stop

⏪ rewind

▶️ play

this is NOT a course but it’s the only trip you’ll ever need, to turn your life into an adventure like no other.

get on board now!

i don't write ✍🏼 these nodes grow 🌱 all by themselves, so enjoy swinging through like i do...