joy is our default state of mind. period. and play is the way to get there. but we have forgotten how to enjoy without reason, like children can.

that’s why we are creating this kindergarten for adults. to get you started here’s a 9 day cohort based course across 3 phases - stop, rewind and play. you’ll also have access to a knovigator thread for async fun and frolic 🥳

enter the playpen

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why 9 days?

cats have 9 lives soo... yeah, you get it. i’m just winging it here. there’s no method to my madness and i’m just here to have fun. together.

while nothing here is backed by research papers and institutional curriculum, everything here is with clear intention and backed by the lives and deaths of my dozen plus cats. i’m their guinea pig and they’ve decided if it’s good enough for me, it’s good enough for you. not that they care too much for either of us.

got no time to play

each day you’ll have a live 20 min zoom call (twice daily actually so you can catch either depending on your timezone). that can’t be too hard to catch, can it

besides the live calls, you’ll have the async discord channel with random audio chatter on what a load of faff adulthood is and how we were better off as kids.

chatter aside, we’ll design simple 2 min games for you to play anytime through the day. if you play 6x a day, you’ve just invested 12 min of your time. come now, money is time, but youth is timeless.

show me the money

i’m not a shy guy or hesitant to take your money. also there’s nothing in here that isn’t worth it’s weight in gold, but i’d rather take crypto (it’s lighter).

money is modern man’s replacement for blood. ‘put your money where your mouth is’ is a rather tame replacement for ‘who will march with me, who will die with me?’ but i’ll take it.

ok. ok. i’ll get to it.

  • 90$ (9$ monthly) gets you a weekly newsletter with a bunch of actionable playful prompts and games. and access to the discord community.
  • 120$ gets you access to a 9 day cohort based course where we take a guided journey into childhood and back to find that magic mojo you lost. also access to the discord community.
  • 900$ gets you access to every monthly cohort to play with old and new playmates. and access to the discord community. and the weekly newsletter. and a price lock-in for the entire year.

any other options?

if you don’t have the moolah, there’s no need for a sense of inadequacy. the most important asset in the playground is playful playmates. so you can apply for a scholarship seat, which will be paid for from the others who bought in. which means for every 18 member cohort that sells out, we’ll offer 9 free seats. of course, you maybe pushed to the next cohorts as we’re capping cohorts at 18 members max.

alpha cohort kickoff party!