play with a purpose

why are you doing this?

so i’m obsessed with this play thingamajig and it’s taken over my whole life. but i have no grand goals of creating a new pattern for self development, inspiring creativity or introducing play in organisations, etc which will lead to increased individual and collective productivity.

neither do i have any lofty mission to uplift mankind and benefit humanity. i don’t care if the world changes for the better. because whatever is to be is already happening. and here’s my simple ask to all of you:

right here, right now; are you having fun?

if yes, carry on playing through life. if not, wake the fuck up and wonder why… and the moment you do that - bingo! you’re playing already! i don’t care what you’re chasing - profits or peace of mind. if you’re not playing on the way, what’s the point really? here’s a wonderful find by long time playtime reader: Dr. Shiva Birdi

what is YOUR purpose?

all the games we play from the time we’re born are games where we are thrown in for the greater victory of the team. the collective. society. the family we grow up in is the smallest unit of that society. we are raised to perform in the game, not play. we don’t even choose whether we want to play or not.

but along the way, we accept our role in the team and put in the numbers. forming our own little teams and continuing the game by contributing fresh players spawned from our own loins. is there a purpose to this all?

maybe there is, maybe there isn’t. regardless, i ask you the same question:

right here, right now; are you having fun?

what is MY purpose?

as for me, i’m here to play. i didn’t know what my purpose was and after many years of searching, i realised i don’t care. but what i knew then i still holds true to. i didn’t want to perform and i still don’t want to perform. for the team. for the game. for the continuity of eternity.

but what i’m clear about is this: when you ask me that same question, my reply will be a resounding ‘YES!’ i want to reply that i’m having the time of my life. regardless of the circumstances; good or bad, rich or poor, bound or free, young or old, healthy or diseased. i want to be able to play in any playground, with any kind of playmate and weave my own playbook from the most arcane of rules.

join me in my games or drag me into yours. either way, let’s play! this world is my playground and i’m game to play with any and every subject. i’m happy to play with you, with or without rules. just play nice 😇 …or not 😈 either way, be dead serious about play. because purpose or no purpose, it’s hella fun 🤩 believe you me!

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