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I'm a Renaissance man. I learn from adversity, mine or others. My goal is to share my life's lessons, to help you learn from them. As I love to say "Shit happens, keep learning!" Curious? subscribe for a weekly dose.


Who Am I?

  • I've hitch-hiked across most of the Indian subcontinent as a teen, in what was to be a coming of age (w)rite of passage
  • Spent the best years of my youth getting a (high)er education at the School of Hard Knocks, graduating with honors
  • Surrounded myself with animals; cats, dogs, squirrels, birds. I'm happier in the animal kingdom than the human fiefdom
  • Retired, yet combative and cognitive in capability, I sometimes teach fighting and philosophy to the young and curious

Why I write

I write for my personal catharsis, but eventually, it percolates into something I share. I explore the underbelly of my life, the subconscious of my mind, to entertain and enlighten. To share that momentary drop of satori in the vast ocean of infinite experience.

What I Write

I promise to share my thoughts every week on how to learn through play. Whatever the subject, physical or spiritual, fighting or philosophy, productivity or insanity, everything can be better understood by playing.

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learn to play🕹️ play to learn