tinker with your toys and make some noise

congratulations 🥳 you just got a brand new gadget to play with! now what’s the first thing you do with it? pick one - read the manual manual. watch a youtube video. ask a friend who has the same thingamajig. maybe all of the above.

it’s interesting that as adults we want to do things the right way. the way it was designed to be used. and i’m not just talking about gadgets. everything we do revolves around it finding the ideal way.

my 10000 strong fan following

people are ready to buy into courses which teach you how to get the maximum Twitter followers in the minimum possible time. social media is all about reaching out to people and getting them to like you. it’s that simple really.

but does it ever occur to you that if you rock at making friends irl, you’ll be able to do the same online. if that’s the case, why didn’t you take a class on ‘how to make friends’ in school?

do you recall kids in the kindergarten playpen having a tough time making friends, connecting with others and struggling to be liked? the simplest thing in the world is the ability to reach out and connect to another.

yet, it’s the hardest thing in the world today. and you didn’t need a course to help you do that, if you didn’t need one to make friends when you were five!

Frankenstein’s freaky friend

poor Dr. Frankenstein paid for his imperfect creation with his life. he didn’t make it the way everyone wanted it to be made. we’re always looking to build perfect processes, products, protocols and even people.

in fact, isn’t that the purpose of school? to build the perfect student. who will then go on to become the perfect employee. not to mention the perfect partner. and of course the perfect parent.

we’re taught to sit correctly. speak politely. dress appropriately. behave amicably. and become another brick in the wall. but imagine for a second that you can customise society’s design for you.

you can forge a path for yourself that doesn’t depend on school, college, jobs and the like. the world may have set you on a path, and you may be bound to it. but maybe, just maybe, you can play around on that path. maybe even jump off.

toys and tools are not for fools

would you be offended if i called you a fool? most would and yet, i consider it foolish that we limit ourselves to accepting the purpose for which a toy or tool was created.

every animal has been created with a specific function that it excels at. we humans are the only creatures who are born with the ability to adapt and evolve as per our environment and circumstance.

and that is why every child is constantly tinkering around with anything and everything around. we’re designed to innovate. to create. and destroy, to keep the process continuous.

so don’t crystallise into an adult who’s incapable of adaptation, experimentation and evolution. untrain yourself from the perfect path and get on the wild side. that is, was and will be your original state.

make the game yours to play

customise your software, paint your room, theme your phone, accessorise your attire, sprinkle your vocabulary with your own unique words. there is no dearth to the creativity you can infuse in your life.

don’t think of the rules as perfect lines to walk on. they’re just a challenge for you to figure out a way around, under, and eventually beyond. to discover the unique you, that cannot be found in the rule book. i’m curious to know how you intend to tinker with your life. lemme know 👀

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