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Two to Tango

Ellen Fishbein showcases the joy of social writing as she slices through my poem with her rapier insights. "The key things I’ve suggested removing are the superimpositions of a certain tone/intent behind the animals’ sounds."

Learn more about being a deeply collaborative person in her essay on Power of Collaboration - "Instead of fighting over the spotlight, these people teamed up and worked together — and in doing so, they made the world a better place."

Two cats howling on the roof;
wickedly scrambling wild,
tearing one another to pieces.

Intoxicated by the light of the moon
feet barely touching the ground,
eyes sparkling like twinkling stars.
They crane their necks and nuzzle,
hair standing on end as they gaze
without fear, into the dark night.

Ardent aspirations of the heart;
brutish, uncouth, and raw...
Under the necromantic power of the skies,
they invoke ancient rhythms, cast spells,
and murmur incantations
in their purring drone.

Purged and exhausted they cradle in a huddle,
and glow invitingly like a pair of fireflies in heat;
savoring the bitter-sweet aftertaste of love.


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