what’s this letter about again?

it’s come to my attention that both my style of writing and positioning of this newsletter have changed since i first started. i understand if you’re unsure of where this is going, but that is a feature, not a bug.

not a newsletter

this is in no way a newsletter. there’s nothing news worthy in it. and i’m certainly not spending hours and days creating or curating content for each issue.

everything i write is a spur of the moment, serendipitous expression. i don’t schedule my posts in advance. when you receive a letter you can be sure, i was struck by inspiration to write it no more than an hour before.

i’m not drip feeding you value with every issue. in fact when you read it, it may spark more doubt than certainty and that’s by design. you may realise what i meant days, weeks or months later, when the time is right.

what’s it about?

the story started with mind, movement and morbidity as the three subjects i would write about. it soon percolated into the singular topic of play. which suited me fine because it’s all encompassing and i can now play with anything i like.

and that is how it will be, but the lens through which i’m discovering and sharing perspectives on play is blatantly mine and quite often my cats. i don’t intend to mask this narcissistic approach. on the contrary i’m happy to flaunt my views, whether imagined or corroborated.

there’s no specific ratio but my personality is loud and might overwhelm you if you’re looking for measured and moderate expression on any subject. i like to throw two contrasting viewpoints and then play with that dichotomy.

why subscribe?

there’s no reason to. you can read all of this on my website. no paywall. no gated garden. in fact, this is no garden, it’s a forest that grows wild and i’m just here to enjoy myself.

there’s no predetermined sequence that is designed to provide maximal cognitive stimulation if you read them in that specific order. neither do i push them out at the same time everyday to create a positive habit loop of learning.

i might even break my daily writing streak sometimes. there is no method to this madness. but in that very statement lies the magic that i seek to share, should to care to taste it. in a world obsessed with routine, stability and certainty, this is an experiment in randomness.

what next?

there is a no grand plan or great scheme and an earth shaking climax awaiting us as we march towards the horizon, one issue at a time. this is as good, bad or ugly as my OnlyFans page.

each time you get to see more of me as i reveal myself. sometimes it’s entertaining, sometimes amusing. sometimes titillating. sometimes unnerving. sometimes annoying.

will you eventually get bored of me? of course that’s most likely. that could be today or years from now. when that happens, bid me farewell. share yourself with me at least once before you walk away. whisper the three things i love to hear, whether or not you choose to walk away. don’t forget, emoji replies can often express more than words.

i don't write ✍🏼 these nodes grow 🌱 all by themselves, so enjoy swinging through like i do...