are you my audience?

nibble nibble… nibble nibble.. nibble nibble

those were the lines from my ‘magnum opus’ theatrical production, where i played the role of a field mouse. my presence was to go largely unnoticed as a side character who’s only job was to be seen adding texture to the background.

apparently i didn’t get that memo and had carried an actual cob of corn to the stage. how else would i do justice to the incredibly important lines i was given? so as i sat there chomping away loudly, the audience’s attention was drawn towards me instead of the main players. the relish on my face was apparent as i bit into the cob slathered with lime and spice. the roaring applause for my stellar performance was deafening but i only had eyes for that delicious cob.

at the age of five, performing to an audience was not high on the agenda, let alone pandering. having crossed forty, i’m still not ready to change that attitude that got me my first ovation. why?

elation not ovation

the thrill of the experience of being on stage yet oblivious to the role i was ‘supposed’ to play, is still etched in my memory. one where i didn’t pander to the masses who would cheer from the stands or the elite classes who would judge my acting skills and deem me worthy or not.

i cared only that i was a field mouse and any good mouse, like any good animal would be only concerned with surviving and thriving. so that’s exactly what i did. got me a cob of corn and enjoyed my own performance heartily. the sound of my own chewing probably drowned out the sound of the audience’s ovation.

and that is how i want it to be. i’m here to play. any role that may be. but the game isn’t to win you over, my dear audience. the game is to be so enraptured in my own joy that you find elation in mine. the very same elation that you can’t contain and most give rise to a standing ovation. so don’t hold yourself back, let your elation explode like it should.

attraction not promotion

when being wooed by an admirer or lover, it’s more a turn off when you’re being chased desperately, than a turn on. it’s quite similar with the audience’s attention you’re chasing. sure, there are plenty of templates to teach you ‘how to do it right!’ but do you really want to chase?

why not attraction? and by this i don’t mean advertisement and performing to draw crowds. i mean being so enraptured by your own expression that everyone is drawn by the magnetism of your own passionate play. but passion often takes a back seat to promotion. in fact passion has left the building, making way for process to rule the roost.

but promotion is not an ugly word. it’s the very basis of marketing and the world we live in. a world where our voices will be drowned if we don’t speak out loud enough. but what if you didn’t have to shout, only listen?

there is no audience

yes, listen closely! listen to yourself, damn it! are you in tune with your own self? knowing why you’re creating what you’re creating. knowing why you’re expressing what you’re expressing. probably not. in fact that maybe exactly why you’re creating and expressing. to discover why!

and the answer, my friend is echoing in the wind. the audience’s engagement with you is in fact the echo of your own thoughts ringing in your ears. and the reason your audience resonates with you is because your expression is an echo of their own thoughts.

we are one. we are in one infinite loop. what we create resonates in another and when they relate, we are inspired to create. and so the cycle continues. as it always has. as it always will. as it always should.

so why build an audience when you can devour your audience and be so full of yourself that there’s no room for any other. think wholly and solely of yourself - what do you want to say and more importantly, why do you want to say it? forget about value and the value of value and what the world needs and wants from you.

i’ll tell you what the world needs and wants - you! the real fucking you, so stop pandering and performing like a circus animal. it’s inhumane! just kick back and strut your stuff like a wild fucking animal would - snarl, roar, squeak or just speak!

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