why play together?

humans stay together to survive. but survival is not just physical existence but emotionally as well since we’re social creatures who need to feel connected. once that basic survival is catered to, we thrive by building stronger and deeper bonds through those connections.

this is something we’ve all understood by virtue of the societies we’ve built, using the smallest possible unit; the family. in the past we had groups of such families living together in tribes. today we have expanded to create large cities and nation states.

yet the core of everything we have today is still that primal connection for basic survival. we cannot live without each other. each one of us develops our unique single play potential to the maximum so we can bond together and increase the possibilities of the multi player game we play together.

if you dig deeper, you’ll discover that we’re connected to more than just other humans. we’re born to be a part of this eco system we call Earth. correction: we’re not born to be a part of but we’re already a part of this ecosystem, as Groot eloquently expressed it “we are Groot”. the question remains whether we’re aware of these connections that we’re a part of.

we spend time and effort to build connections when really we just need to wake up to the fact that we’re connected. the question is how.

how can we wake up to the fact? how can we remember our connections?

we often drift away from the connections we grow up, only to try and reconnect again. what if we didn’t need to reconnect but just dust off the rust?

here’s where play comes into the picture for it’s the path of least effort. funnily enough it’s not the path of least friction because we’ve grown accustomed to working for anything at all in life. we’re suspicious of anything that feels too easy and frivolous.

how can it be so easy, you wonder. why not, i ask you?

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