ultraspeaking or speaking without thinking

after playing around with a few courses last year, i told myself i’m not doing any more online courses come what may. the only course i’m interested in is intercourse. of course such a coarse joke may make you curse, but if you put me in another course, i’d feel better off in a hearse.

the whole transformation thingamajig courses offer makes me balk or worse cringe because i’ve always believed that change so drastic requires crisis so epic. but meeting Tristan and Michael of Ultraspeaking made me smile and i thought maybe this is worth my while. not because it promised transformation but because what they stand for kindled my imagination.

fun is the name of the game

in a world where everyone is selling a better version of me, it bores me to hear that spiel again. but a funner version i would embrace in a heartbeat, so bring on that heat. the game of life is all fun, so remember that before you start the run.

these guys know the game and play it right, cuz they invite you to stand up and face your fright. that’s when you know there’s transformation in the making, for you can feel your guts awaking.

fun is the friend you need to face your fears. by your side even if you land up in tears. fear is your frenemy, that bff who challenges you to be better than your best.

freedom is forever, in this moment

from fun to freedom, through fear we tread but with friends alongside there is no dread. with the playful people of the cohort, the fear feels feeble and you wonder if what you thought real was but a fable. everything feels better together, whether slaying fears or sharing tears. but before we dare to go big or go bust, we need to get vulnerable and build that trust.

here’s where the duo shine, gathering people to play divine. sound is the primal energy for even before there was light, there was sound ringing eternal in the darkness. so close your eyes and trust in the fun, step in to the fear and when you open your eyes you’ll be dancing with freedom.

you can focus on the fear or just let the fun take you for a ride. and it doesn’t matter if you whisper, yell or tweet like a bird; join me, join us, and spread the word.

i don't write ✍🏼 these nodes grow 🌱 all by themselves, so enjoy swinging through like i do...